Coming in Cairo: Five Books, Five Emerging Authors

Looking forward to reading any/all of them 🙂

ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

Five emerging novelists will present their works — that came out of a writing workshop with novelist Sahar Elmougy — on Sunday in Cairo:

By Mona Elnamoury

If you happen to be in Cairo, try to attend the next cultural event hosted by the Doum Cultural Foundation on this coming Sunday, the 30th of April. It will be an evening of readings and signings for five emerging writers from Seshat Creative Writing Workshop, moderated by novelist Sahar Elmougy and hosted by Doum.

Seshat Workshop launched in 2012 and has since expanded into a number of different cultural activities, from storytelling to writing marathons to book signings. The five books that will be available on Sunday are primarily debut works: Tales from the Alley of the Jews, by Ahmed Saad; A Dear Step, by Amira Alnoshokaty; my own Chitchat Over the Thames; The Woman Who Saved Me, by Ghada Salah, and finally A Videotape of the Nineties,

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