Djinn Fall in Love in New, Wide-Ranging ‘Djinnthology’


This first appeared in Bookwitty, where you can also find Six More Tales of Djinn:

the-djinn-falls-in-loveThe editors of The Djinn Falls in Love (2017) chose not to standardize spellings across their wide-ranging new “djinnthology.” In one story, you might find a world populated by djinn, while in another jinn appear, or jinnis, or even a genie.

Just so, there is no collection-wide agreement on what sort of creature a “djinn” might be. Some authors are interested in the djinn of Qur’anic tradition, free-willed beings created “from the smokeless flame of fire,” who lead lives parallel to us clay-made humans. Other contributors seem to take their inspiration from A Thousand and One Nights or even the Disney version of Aladdin, where djinn are creatures who live shut up in lamps until forced, by humans, to grant wishes.

The collection includes an excerpt from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods which…

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