STEPPING STONES: A REFUGEE FAMILY’S JOURNEY, by Margriet Ruurs, with stone art illustrations by Nizar Ali Badr – Review by Sandy Brehl

Very interesting

Nerdy Book Club

Canadian author Margriet Ruurs is an educator, a prolific author, and a world traveler. Her visits to international schools and other global destinations have inspired several of her titles.

But Margriet found inspiration for her latest picture book while at home, scrolling through Facebook posts. There, she first viewed the stone-assemblage scenes of Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr. In the forward of STEPPING STONES: A REFUGEE FAMILY’S JOURNEY she relates the complex pursuit that resulted from her first glimpse of Badr’s images. I love that her story behind the book is shared as a forward rather than in back matter, because it sets the stage for the reality behind her eloquent story.

When I interviewed Margriet I wondered if this is a work of fiction or nonfiction. She considers it realistic fiction, because Rama, the young Syrian girl, is a composite, representing countless individual, actual lives facing similar threatening realities…

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