Arab Authors’ and Translators’ Favorites: The 2016 List


Nine Arab authors and Arabic-English translators discuss their favorite reads from 2016.

Mansoura Ez Eldin

Ez Eldin’s latest novel, Shadowgraphs, has just been released from Dar al-Tanweer and the Egyptian author’s previous novel, Emerald Mountain, is being released in French in January 2017 from Actes Sud. Ez Eldin has one novel, Maryam’s Maze (trans. Paul Starkey) in English.

jokesJokes for the Gunmen, Mazen Maarouf, Dar al-Kawkab

These painful, funny stories deconstruct war through the eyes of a mischievous child, astounding the reader. The writer’s imagination has succeeded in producing fresh, new writing about a topic that has become cliché: the Lebanese civil war.

The Art of Abandonment, Abdullah Nasser, Dar al-Tanweer

Literature should drive the reader to see with new eyes, to push the curtain of normalcy away from his eyes, push him to discover what is breathtaking and to contemplate even the obvious and mundane. This is exactly what…

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