10 of the Best Poems for New Year

New Year coming on apace
What have you to give me?
Bring you scathe, or bring you grace …

Interesting Literature

The best new year poems

Seeing in the New Year is a time-honoured tradition, so it should come as little surprise that many of the greatest poets have written about the New Year in their work. Below is our pick of ten of the best New Year poems, along with some information about each poem.

Anonymous, ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’. We’re kicking off this list of the best New Year poems with a long narrative poem from the fourteenth century, partly because it features the earliest known instance of the phrase ‘New Year’s Eve’ (as ‘nweȝerez euen’) and partly because the poem opens on New Year’s Eve at Camelot (during the feast at Arthur’s court) and ends on New Year’s Day a year and a day later. The perfect medieval New Year poem.

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