Sawiris Award Announces Year’s Emerging-author Shortlists


Yesterday, the Sawiris Cultural Award announced its shortlists for best novel, short-story collection, and best screenplay:

The six shortlisted for the best-novel prize were: Ahmed El Fakharany,  Alaa Farghali, Mohamed Rabie, Musfafa Musa, Nahla Karam, and Hadra Girgis. The six novels:


Among the six shortlisted novels, Rabie’s Otared (2014) is already available in English (2016), translated by Robin Moger. It was also shortlisted for the 2016 International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

The six shortlisted for the short-story prize were Ahmed Magdy Hammam, Doaa’ Ibrahim, Sherine Fathi, Taha Abdul Moneim, and Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel al-Salam, and Hind Jaafar. The collections:


The winners are set to be announced January 9, 2017.

The emerging authors’ prize, granted by the Sawiris Foundation, is 80,000LE (approximately $4,300 US) for first place and 50,000LE (approximately $2,700 US) for second. This is in contrast to the single 150,000LE “established authors” award in each category.

The books in…

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