Meet Mekkawi Said: The Cairene Fairy King of Antiheroes


Yesterday, Mekkawi Said’s To Be Loved by Jihan made the 2016-17 Sheikh Zayed Book Award longlist. Today, Ahmed Salah Eldein profiles the author and discusses his novel:

 By Ahmed Salah Eldein

Eldein and Said. Eldein and Said.

Cairo: the never-dull ancient city that always has something to say, not only through its history and monuments, but also through the sagas of its people, the ever-evolving accounts of events taking place behind the scenes, on Cairo’s back streets. And, when in Cairo, you have to see the storytelling icon Mekkawi Said. He is a master of the antihero and has a pool of human secrets to reveal, all of which are Egyptian in flavor and human in essence.

There is something about Mekkawi Said: Although a resident of the bourgeois district of Garden City, he is not detached from the mainstream of Cairo. Unlike Flaubert, he is totally involved and in constant touch…

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