How to Support Arab-American Theater in the Heart of the Midwest


A Minnesota-based Arab and Muslim theater collective is raising funds for the coming year:

newarabamericaThe Midwestern theater collective “New Arab American Theater Works” is raising money for GiveMN’s “Give to the Max” day, November 17, to support three new plays by Arab and Muslim playwrights: Ahmed Ismail Yusuf, William Nour, and Kathryn Haddad.

Haddad is a playwright, teacher, and long-time organizer who helped found the Arab-American artis and literary organization Mizna, where she served as Artistic and Executive Director for twelve years. Haddad answered questions about where “New Arab American Theater Works” has been, and where it’s going.

Your website says “since 1995.” What happened in 1995, what’s changed, and what’s new with “New Arab American Theater Works” in 2016?
Kathryn Haddad: In 1995, I led a loose collective of community members to put together a community showcase of my play, Gaza Stories. It was really the precursor to my Arab American arts activity…

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