In ‘Nour,’ Youssef Ziedan Returns To One of His Favorite Topics


Youssef Ziedan was briefly at the center of the literary spotlight. A long-time scholar, he won the second International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) for his historical novel Azazeel. The English version also won a Banipal Prize for translator Jonathan Wright. 

His next novel, The Nabataen, was longlisted but not shortlisted for the IPAF, and his subsequent novels (Muhal, Guantanamo) earned less buzz. But Aisha Khalil says that this one, Nour, deserves a read:

By Aisha Khalil

nourAward-winning novelist Youssef Ziedan published his fifth novel, Nour, last month.

Ziedan, a long-time professor of Islamic philosophy, has lately turned to novel-writing. Nour is the final part of a three-novel series, preceded by Muhal (2012) and Guantanamo (2014).

In Nour, we are told the story of a minor character (Noura) which featured in a previous novel. Readers of Muhal and Guantanamo may remember Noura asthe lover of Mohamed Ibrahim, the Sudanese protagonist who is…

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