Saoud al-Sanousi on What ‘Bamboo Stalk’ Is Really About and Why Some Kuwaitis Disapprove

A Good novel, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Middle East and its culture and life!


While living and working in Qatar back in January of 2015, Andrew Leber sat down with Kuwaiti author Saoud al-Sanousi to chat about his well-received novel Bamboo Stalk, translated into English by Jonathan WrightThis is the first part of a two-part interview. The next part will appear next Wednesday:

By Andrew Leber

saudalsanousiWinner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2013 and subsequently translated into English, Bamboo Stalk tells the story of José Mendoza, a young man raised in the Philippines who journeys to Kuwait, the land of his long-absent father. José’s mother, Josephine, was all-too-briefly married to Rashid Tarouf, scion of the Kuwaiti family that Josephine worked for as a domestic servant.

Though a fair amount of time has passed since our interview, the novel has not faded from the public eye — the television adaptation of Bamboo Stalk aired this past summer, with its discussion…

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