Sins and Faults: A New Algerian Novel Beyond Terrorism, Islamism, and Love-ism

Sounds like a good novel

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Algerian novelist Said Khatibi’s Kitab al-khataya is not the story of Algeria’s black decade, or of Islamist fighters, or of star-crossed love. Instead, it’s a book that begins on a crowded bus with a tampon emergency:

By Nadia Ghanem

errorssinsAnyone interested in an Algerian novel that has finally moved beyond the tropes of terrorism, Islamism and love-ism should read Said Khatibi’s Kitab al-khataya.

Algerian novelist Said Khatibi’s Kitab al-khataya* (كتاب الخطايا), or The Book of Faults,  is the unabashed story of a young woman who reviews her dating life with a great sense of humor and of honesty, weighing the good and the bad of her situation as a working woman, a little uncertain as to where she should be heading in life.

Set in bustling Algiers and its suburbs, thirty-something Kahina is one of the many women and men who juggle work and dating, and…

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